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Intelligent Canal Systems (ICS) is an international consultancy and solution provider who specialise in modernising irrigation and drainage canal systems with automated  water control infrastructure, controls and software. ICS are experts in evaluating existing and new canal systems  to determine the potential for system enhancement by utilising modern water control technology. ICS consider each clients requirements individually in relation to their canals to determine the best approach for implementing automatic water control solutions in their system.


We have experience in specifying, designing, delivering and supporting irrigation modernisation projects throughout Australia and Asia. With our assistance our clients have been able to successfully upgrade their canal systems with a range of automated water control and monitoring solutions. We focus on providing our clients with upgrade options that utilise the latest industry standard hardware, software and procedures, with each case evaluated on its merits to ensure the client gets the best value solution for their needs.


Our experience with supporting channel operation after the completion of the modernisation project allows us to understand the costs associated with modernisation support and maintenance. We use this experience to ensure the solutions we provide for our clients are not only cost effective at the time of implementation, but remain commercially sustainable through the lifetime of the products.


Intelligent Canal Systems specialise in determining the best value modernisation options for the client and can provide the following key project specification and/or design services for any irrigation canal system:


  • System Evaluation of a canal system to determine the suitability for an upgrade.

  • Specification, design and supply of a range of software options to enhance any irrigation district, from improving delivery performance and efficiency to connecting the instigators with the canal operators.

  • Ongoing and long term support of new and existing automation solutions to ensure the operators always have access to expert for assistance and advice when required. 


  • Hardware Specification & selection including specification and/or selection of sensors, control hardware, power systems (solar, battery or mains) and water control infrastructure such as automatic gates and outlets 


  • Automatic canal control system specification and implementation to automate the water delivery process 


  • Flow measurement options for open channels and closed conduits


  • Telecommunication options including 4G/5G, IoT and radio


  • SCADA, APP or other remote control and monitoring services to connect the operators with a wide range of remote assets including pumps, automatic gates, farm off takes, water level sensors and many other devices.  


  • Database integration and further data analysis using modern artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches to to provide new insights to assist with decision making and ongoing system improvements.

  • 3rd party evaluation of the modernisation plan to ensure optimal integration into the existing business operation.

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