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The Ningxia - Tongxin county irrigation project aims to modernise and automate the water delivery process to farmers. More than 60 automatic gates with flow meters were provided in stage one, with all sites controlled and monitored remotely by mobile phones.
The Jemalong Irrigation projects showcase our wide range of skills that were required to deliver a large scale Internet of Things (IoT) modernisation project. The solution combined automatic gate selection, channel control, cloud computing and SCADA to improve the clients operations and long term canal operation sustainability.
ICS were engaged by Auke Water to assist them to develop their capabilities to provide high quality IoT compatible automated water control hardware and software for their clients in China and East Asia. Auke water has a long history of manufacturing water control gates for the Chinese water industry and they wanted to expand their product offering to include intelligent irrigation gates.
The Lower Burdekin Water (LBW) project required a high level of customisation to suit the clients unique operation and circumstances. The projects showcase how a combination of custom automatic gates, custom control algorithms and IoT connectivity was used to meet the clients requirements and improve the operational performance of their system.
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