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ICS provide a range of software solutions to assist operators mange and control their irrigation system

SCADA software allows the operators to remotely monitor and control all of the devices within their system including pumps, gates meters and many other devices.


ICS has much experience developing custom SCADA solutions to meet different functional and econimic requirements 



Farmer Portal

Farmer Portal

ICS provide a range of software solutions for connecting the water users to the irrigation service provider including:

Water Ordering

Allocation Tracking


Canal Automation

Canal Automation

Canal automation software ties all of the automated assets together to automatically deliver the correct volume of water to the irrigators at the correct time.

Canal automation has the potential to provide superior  performance and delivery efficiency of individual pools to entire canal networks


SCADA allows for total and instantaneous visibility of the entire irrigation system within seconds from  any phone, PC or tablet.  Having instantaneous visibility and control of  assets completely changes the way irrigation authorities manage their network and allows for huge improvements in efficiency, performance, reliability and safety.


SCADA software is the most common software upgrade implemented by irrigation authorities because it can provide huge performance improvements whilst also improving labour efficiency. In general, SCADA is used daily by the operators to perform the following:

  • Remotely monitor and control all of the assets in the network including pumps, automatic gates, farmer off takes, flow meters and any other devices operators routinely inspect or adjust.

  • Analyse system data to identify and implement performance improvements.

  • Receive notifications and alerts for system events and alarms

  • Respond more quickly to system changes such as rainfall events or irrigator requests. 

  • Generate live reports the identify and track KPIs such as delivery efficiency, pump efficiency and operation costs.

  • Assist with asset troubleshooting to decrease downtime and implement preventative maintenance strategies.  

ICS provide a range of SCADA options to suit the physical size, operational requirements, asset types and commercial requirements unique to each irrigation district. This ensures ICS's clients SCADA system suits their current and future technical and financial needs.

Farmer Portal

It is important that the irrigation district is well connected to the irrigators and other water users that rely on the irrigation service. ICS provide a range of web based software solutions that make it easy for the water users to interact with the system operators.


 ICS understands that the needs of the different districts vary and the interaction between the user and the operators depends on the regulations that apply within each district. Therefore, we provide a template solution that allows for easy and reliable customisation to suit each irrigation districts needs. Typical features include:

  • Water ordering - allows the farmers and other water users to lodge a request for water online, specifying the volume, flow rate, start time, duration etc. All of the orders are collated and displayed in an easy to interpret format to make it easy for the operators to collect, track and implement the water orders.

  • Allocation tracking - monitors the allocation of each farmer including trades or transfers so both the individual users and the system operators can track the seasonal usage against the allocation.

  • Account management - provides an online database that is easy to keep updated to store user contact information, address, allocation rights and other important details. 

  • Billing/Invoicing - Automatically generate invoices based on water usage and fixed charges for individual users. These can be automatically made available online for the users to download and/or distributed via email to the users.

  • Secure Payment - Make it possible for the water users to easily make their payments online using secure payment facilities.

There is a large range of possibilities for a farmer portal to make it simpler and more efficient for the operators to interact with the water users. Contact ICS to find out more. 

Farmer Portal
Canal Automation

Canal automation solutions allow canal sections or even entire canal networks to be operated autonomously by automatically adjusting the gates, pumps, off takes and other control assets to automatically convey the water from the source to the farm. 

ICS works with the irrigation districts to develop autonomous control solutions for areas of their operations where network automation provides sustainable benefits to the system. In general, network automation can provide the following benefits:

  • Improved delivery efficiency by reducing spills and optimising automation.

  • Live performance analysis to detect opportunities for improvement such as scheduling, weed growth or changes in farmer demand.

  • Predicative analysis using multiple data sources including live and historical canal data, local weather conditions, climatic predictions and farm data to provide predictions for the operators to act on.

  • More flexible service for the irrigators by reducing order lead times and allowing 24/7 scheduling of the delivery network.

  • Automatic water order confirmation to ensure scheduled orderes do not exceed the delivery capacity.

The unique nature of each irrigation district requires that each automation solution is designed to suit the system's needs. ICS utilise a wide range of approaches to system automation including 3rd part data integration, traditional closed loop controller design and modern machine learning and data processing techniques to provide high quality and sustainable automation solutions.

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Canal Automation
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