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Intelligent Canal Systems assist their clients to evaluate, specify and integrate modern water control technology into their canal system. We utilise our experience in canal modernisation projects to provide expert advice on key decisions and designs to ensure the clients get the most out of their modernisations plans while avoiding the commonly made mistakes.

Intelligent Canal Systems specialise in determining the best value modernisation options for the client and can provide the following key project specification and/or design services for any irrigation canal system:


  • Evaluation of a canal system to determine the suitability for an upgrade.


  • Gate selection (automatic, manual, overshot, undershot etc…).


  • Automatic canal control system implementation.


  • Flow measurement options.


  • Farm offtake design.


  • Telecommunication.


  • SCADA, APP or other remote control and monitoring services.


  • Database integration and further data analysis.


  • Evaluation of the modernisation plan to ensure optimal integration into the existing business operation.

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